Expand Your Brand --and Business -- on Your Home Page

Thursday, October 25, 2012   |   Fred Berns   |   0 Comments

Make it memorableOnce you "land" your only brand, you need to get others to understand it.

That's where your website comes in.

Social networking may be the rage and the craze these days, but your website remains the best go-to resoruce when it comes to spelling out your specialness.

To inform others of your company's value, wow them with your website.

Easier said than done, at a time when the average visit to a website is only 4 seconds and 2 clicks.

Consider your company's site. Do visitors get what you got in 4 seconds and 2 clicks?

If not, get to work first on the home page. This section should be stellar.

Why the home page? Because studies show that 50% of the visitors to a website never get beyond this page.

What's it take to hit a home run on the home page?

1/ Make it Matter. It won't, if you don't. Promote your "Only " brand prominently, as in the upper left hand corner.

2/ Make it Meaningful. Broadcast the benefits. Explain how you save clients time, money and headaches, or how you help boost their profits.

3/ Make it "Modern." Add new articles and blogposts regularly. They create credibility and "currency" by showing what's new, and what's now.

4/ Make it Motivational. Inspire them to act. A call to action can be register for this, download these, read this, click here, etc.

5/ Make it -- and Yourselves -- Memorable. Link to the "About Us" profiles. Nothing differentiates you more than you, and your team, adn your staff.

Fred Berns is a branding coach and copywriter for companies worldwide.