When it Comes to Self Promotion, Are You a "Pro?"

Monday, April 02, 2012   |     |   0 Comments

How well are you doing at blowing your horn?

In the case of a group of business professionals I spoke to this week, the answer is: “Not very.”

No one scored higher than a “5″ in this true-false quiz of “toot your flute” tasks:

How do you rate? Check out the Self Promotion Scorecard below:

True or False?

1/ The last time you something significant happened to you (like signing a major contract, winning an award, etc.): you distributed a news release to local and industry publications and websites.

2/ You have a YOU-Tube video on your website

3/ You have a Facebook business account that’s separate from your personal one

4/ You presented four seminars in 2011 to target groups

5/ You write at least two blogposts weekly.

6/ You’re a member and regular contributor to at least three LinkedIn groups

7/ You’ve written two articles this year for industry publications or blogs

8/ You offer an opt-in free report which enables you to capture more database names

9/ Your email signature is linked to your bio

10/ The word “Only” appears on your business card.

Tabulate your score and rate yourself accordingly:

Self Promotion Scorecard

10-9 “True’s” PRO-motor 

8-7 ON-THE-GO motor

6-5 SO-SO motor

4-3 LOW- motor

2 or less NO-motor