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12 Reasons You Earn Less Than You Could...and Should

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Why aren’t you making more money?

Search all you want for a reason, but you won’t find one.

There’s no single reason why many design professionals earn less than they’d like.

There are 12.

Twelve reasons why you’re coming up short. And why you’re generating less income than you want. And why you’re not getting the compensation you need to reach your financial goals.

Call them “Problems,” if you like. Or “Challenges.”

I call them “Killers.”

They kill your cash flow.

They kill your confidence

And, ultimately, they can kill your career.

Serious consequences, for sure, but they result from only minor missteps on your part.

How to identify and correct those missteps is the focus of the audio program entitled

“The 12 Reasons Why You Earn Less Than You Could…and Should.”

What we have here are the 12 biggest business blunders, oversights and errors that you and other design professionals are making this year.

Here are the 12 obstacles that are getting in your way, holding you back and dragging you down.

Here are the 12 factors that are curtailing your sales, diminishing your income and paralyzing your profits.

And here, too, are the simple strategies you can implement NOW to address these issues, and substantially boost your bottom line.

The 12 factors have nothing to do with the economy, or the competition, or luck.

They have everything to do with YOU – and how you market, sell and price your design services and products.

The 12 Reasons audio program will take on the “failure factors” one by one, and give you concrete steps to overcome them and turn your business around.

It’s not enough to earn “not enough.”

Now is the time take charge of your financial future.

Now is the time to learn the 12 reasons why you’re earning less than you could…and should.

Now is the time to invest in the audio program entitled: “The 12 Reasons Why You Earn Less Than You Could…and Should.”

12 Reasons You Earn Less Than You Could...and Should

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