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21 Keys to a Killer Website

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What‘s with your website?

Why isn’t it getting more traffic?

Why isn’t it bringing in more business?

Why isn’t it working?

You know there’s no more powerful marketing strategy than an effective website. That’s why you invested all that time and money in developing and polishing and promoting yours.

But, what do have to show for it? What’s the return on that investment?

How to generate more buzz and more profits from your website -- or, create a new one-- is the focus of a new audio program entitled “21 Keys to a Killer Website.”

This one hour audio program gives you what you need to know to create a “knock their socks off” website.

What you’ll hear are simple steps for creating a super site.

Let me repeat that word: simple.

What we have here are high impact, low cost strategies for getting your site right. All this, in a language you can understand. That means lots of practical tips, and no techno-babble or Geek Speak.

You’ll get tips on how to make it easier for people to find your site. And move around your site

Expect ideas on how to make your site interactive, and keep it current. And how to get more people to visit more often. And how to make better use of your photos. And how to make your site twice as effective with half as many words. And how to assure that people find your site fast.

And, most importantly, how to assure that your site passes the “4 seconds, 2 clicks” test.

The average visit to a website is four seconds and two clicks.

Ask yourself: do your website visitors “get it” that fast? Do they understand your value, and comprehend what makes you special and feel motivated to hire you after that first visit?

They will, after you apply what you learn in the
21 Keys to a Killer Website audio program.

This program is the result of a six year study of interior design industry websites throughout North America.

What I found shocked me.

A lack of focus. Poor photos. Lousy navigability. Inadequate bios. No links. Too much flash. Too many generalities. Too few specifics.

And too many—way too many – words. Words like “spatial energy,” and “value added facilities solutions” and “conceptual expertise” and “multidisciplinary design.”


It’s not that these design industry websites are bad. They’re awful.

They’re more of a hindrance than a help. They’re more likely to disqualify, than qualify you.

Design professionals are better off with no website, than a bad one.

But get your site right, and you can differentiate your company, attach more value to your design services and products and dramatically increase your impact and your business.

21 Keys to a Killer Website program will show you how.

You don’t need to spend lots of money and time to wow ‘em on the Web.

You don’t need to be a techno-wizard.

All you need to do is master the ideas and strategies in the
21 Keys to a Killer Website program

It’s a program you can’t afford to miss.

21 Keys to a Killer Website

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