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Audio Success Series

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Working too hard? Earning too little?

That may have nothing to do with your design skills, and everything to do with your business skills.

Or lack of them.

What’s holding you down could be your problems with pricing, or time management, or marketing your design services and products.

If you’re feeling overworked and underpaid, chances are that learning more about interior design won’t help.

Learning more about the BUSINESS of interior design will.

Problem is, that requires something you think you don’t have: time.

Maybe others have the time to learn about sales and marketing and personal promotion, but not you. You’re too busy.

Perhaps you could have studied those topics in the past. And you would have. And you could have.

Coulda.Woulda. Shoulda.

But, now, you’re too busy.

OK, so you’re busy. But can you spare 8 hours?

That’s how long you need to hear some invaluable techniques on how to manage your career and run your business.

That’s how long you need to gain some business-building insights that will jumpstart your sales and profits.

That’s how long you need to listen to…


What we have here is more than a collection of recordings of my most popular tele-seminars presented to design professionals throughout the world.

What we have here is an audio business school.


1/ Twice the Price: Double Your Dollars as a Design Professional -- ten simple steps that will help you double your fees and income without working longer or harder.

2/ Million Dollar Marketing on a Shoestring Budget -- high impact, low cost promotion strategies for those seeking to make a Big Splash for little cash.

3/ Overcoming Price Objections: Turn Bellyachers into Believers -- what you can do and say to handle any price objection, any time, and turn those objections into opportunities.

4/ Work Less, Earn More: Master Your Time, Maximize Your Profits -- how to spend less time making more money.

5/ 21 Keys to a Killer Website -- simple guidelines on how to generate more buzz, traffic and business on your website.

6/ Recession-Proof Your Design Career -- how to thrive, rather than just survive challenging economic times.

7/ The 12 Reasons You Earn Less Than You Could…and Should -- the 12 obstacles that hold down your income -- and the simple steps to overcome those obstacles.

8/ Big Splash, Little Cash: Kickbutt Marketing in Challenging Times -- how to use low cost marketing to make big money in a tough economy.

Put it all together, and the AUDIO SUCCESS SERIES offers a powerful collection of business insights tailor-made for these competitive times.

Here are the building blocks for achievement in your design business and career – the tools and techniques, the strategies and shortcuts, the methods and maneuvers you need to get, and stay ahead.

Today, expertise in interior design, alone isn’t enough.

Today, that expertise is no ticket to financial security, no guarantee that you will earn the kind of income that you want and deserve.

Today, you need sales and marketing skills to profit from that expertise.

The AUDIO SUCCESS SERIES offers you those skills.

You have an important choice here.

Do you want to continue working too hard and earning too little?

Or, do you want to learn business strategies that will give you a competitive and financial advantage?

If you choose to earn more, you need to learn more – about the business of design.

The AUDIO SUCCESS SERIES is an outstanding toolkit for the business skills you need to earn the income you want.

Audio Success Series

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