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Dare to Be Different Self Promotion (Booklet)

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You can set and get any fee you want as long as you differentiate yourself from those who charge less.

So, how well are you doing at differentiating yourself?

How good a job are you doing at setting yourself apart from other interior design professionals?

How skilled are you at creating top-of-the-mind awareness?

It’s no longer enough to simply promote your interior design services and products. The key today is to promote them and yourself differently.

That’s what the Dare to be Different Self-Promotion booklet is all about.

This short booklet is long on ideas, examples and anecdotes about mastering your marketing by doing what your competitors don’t.

“You are so very different,” the booklet points out. “But do you promote yourself the same as others promote themselves?”

Read how to create your YOU-nique Selling proposition, and then how to position yourself as a “uniquely-qualified, one-of-a-kind professional.”

And discover how to transform your differences into diamonds.

Dare to be Different Self-Promotion walks you through the steps to take to think, act, sound and look different in your marketing.

And it points out examples of quick, sometimes quirky steps others have taken to stand up and stand out in this increasingly competitive market place.

As Walt Disney pointed out: “To be successful…you have to be different.”

Once you define what make you different, you can’t keep it a secret. You need to promote it –and that’s what the Dare to be Different Self-Promotion booklet shows you how to do.

The booklet is both a concise read – and a critical one-- for those interested in making themselves memorable. It’s a handy guide to identifying your uniqueness and marketing it in unique ways.

It concludes with a set of dare-to-be-different marketing challenges, such as “Dare to be Different in the methods you choose to communicate your message.

After reviewing the Dare to be Different Self-Promotion booklet, you’ll have plenty of new methods to choose from.

Dare to Be Different Self Promotion (Booklet)

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