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Low Cost, NO Cost Kickbutt Marketing in Challenging Economic Times

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Why are you spending all that money on marketing?

Who told you that promotion is pricey, that you have to dole out big bucks to make a big impact?

Who gave you this impression that you have to be rich to get recognized?

How you can promote yourself for pennies is the focus of the outstanding Special Report entitled: LOW COST, NO COST KICKBUTT MARKETING IN CHALLENGING ECONOMIC TIMES.

If you’re looking for just another manuscript on marketing, this report isn’t for you. The focus here is on smart marketing.

There’s a difference, you know.

Smart marketing is making a maximum impact for a minimum investment of your time and money.

As an interior design professional, you don’t have unlimited resources to spend on promoting your firm and yourself. You need smart and simple strategies that will enhance your visibility, credibility and profits.

And that’s exactly what you get from the Kickbutt Marketing report.

What we have here are marketing maneuvers and promotional practices that don’t require much time nor money.

Nearly every one of them can be accomplished in 45 minutes or less, for $100 or less.

Download this 25 page report, and you’ll get “how to’s” and insights on such cheap marketing tricks as free publicity, public speaking, blogging, social networking, “killer” commercials, website techniques, database development, partnering with suppliers – and a whole lot more.

The bottom line is this: you can take the “price” out of promotion.

This special report provides you with some quick fix low cost, no cost promotion ideas that you can and should add to your marketing arsenal now.

Low Cost, NO Cost Kickbutt Marketing in Challenging Economic Times

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