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Million Dollar Marketing on a Shoestring Budget Digital Download

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Where did you get this idea that you can’t afford marketing?

Who convinced you that promoting yourself and your business is pricey?

Why do you believe the Myth about Marketing?

The myth is that marketing is expensive.

As if, you have to be rich to get recognized.

That’s nonsense.

Some of the most powerful promotion costs the least. Some of the most effective marketing you can do as a design professional costs nothing at all.

“Million Dollar Marketing on a Shoestring Budget” is your guide to high impact, low cost marketing.

This audio recording of a tele-seminar presented to design professionals nationwide walks you through the ABC’s of money-saving – and moneymaking – marketing.


Articles and news releases by and about you, social networking, public speaking, adult education classes, email, voicemail, referrals, bio sheets, hiring student interns, aligning with allied professionals – those are just some of the economical techniques covered in this business-building program.

What these techniques have in common is that they won’t cost you much money. Nor, will they take much time.

Which brings us to:

The second myth about marketing: It takes a lot of time.

It doesn’t have to. Not if you follow the quick-fix solutions spelled out in this audio CD.

This program focuses on marketing strategies you can implement in 45 minutes or less, for $100 or less.

You’ll discover how to promote yourself for pennies, and market yourself in minutes.

Let your competitors moan and groan about the big expense and long hours that go into marketing.

Now, you know better.

You know that you already have the money and time to do kickbutt marketing. How to do it is what this audio program is all about.

Once you invest in “Million Dollar Marketing on a Shoestring Budget,” listen to it carefully. And then listen again. And again.

The more you listen, the more low cost, no-sweat marketing tips you’ll pick up. Those tips will turn you into promotion powerhouse.

Who says marketing has to be expensive?

Not you, once you master the art of “Million Dollar Marketing on a Shoestring Budget.”

Million Dollar Marketing on a Shoestring Budget Digital Download

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