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Overcoming Price Objections: Turn Price Bellyachers into Believers

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What do you say when they say you’re too expensive?

Chances are, you don’t know what to say. That’s the problem.

That’s why you end up apologizing for – and reducing -- your price. Or negotiating your hourly fee. Or cutting some other kind of deal.

You know that’s no way to run a business.

You know it’s unprofessional when you futz with your fees, and play games with your price. You know you lose credibility and fee integrity when you back down on what you charge.

You know you’ll never reach your financial goals if you keep caving in on your price, design fee, markup, or margin.

What you don’t know is how to handle price objections. And that’s a key reason why you’re not earning the income you want and deserve as a design professional.

You need to make a choice.

You need to decide if you’re going to continue to take offense – and cover – every time a client or prospect objects to your price.

Or, you can decide to take charge when price objections come up.

If taking charge is what you want, this audio program is what you need.

“Overcoming Price Objections: Turn Price Bellyachers into Believers” puts you back in control of your pricing – and your career.

This audio recording of a tele-seminar presented to design professionals worldwide provides you with a 17-step program that will help you handle any price objection, any time.

We’re talking easy steps here.

Like differentiating yourself from lower priced competitors

And putting your price in perspective.

And creating your “cheat sheet” of fee justifiers.

This audio program gives you Price Objection Protection.

It teaches you simple things you can do – and very basic things you can say – to deal with all price objections.

And it gives you lots of tools and tips on how to take control of your pricing.

What the “Overcoming Price Objections: How to Turn Price Bellyachers into Believers” audio program can’t do is make you immune from price objections.

What it can do is rid you of the anxiety, and the inclination you feel to cut your prices.

Stop worrying about price objections. Stop running away from questions about your price. Stop compromising yourself – and your fees – every time you meet price resistance.

Invest in this powerful audio presentation, and discover how to handle those questions and objections – and how to turn those price bellyachers into believers.

Overcoming Price Objections: Turn Price Bellyachers into Believers

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