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Recession-Proof Your Design Career (with Sandy Dixon)

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Politicians talk about it, the media write about it, Wall Street worries about it.

The economic slowdown.

Maybe you don’t think we’re in a recession, but lots of your prospects and clients do. That’s why they’re cutting back on spending.

And that’s why your sales are off. And that’s why you’re struggling a bit.

So, what are you going to do about it?

You could do what many design professionals do: sit back and wait and hope for things to magically turn around.

That’s called risky.

Or you could do what lots of others do: cut your fees and prices in hopes of attracting more clients.

That’s called ridiculous.

Or, you can take charge rather than take cover.

How? By investing in an audio program that will help you thrive rather than just survive in this down economy.

Recession-Proof Your Design Career is the title of the program featuring an interview with Sandy Dixon, one of the design industry’s leading sales experts and foremost redesign and staging specialists.

Sandy Dixon is a professional speaker and author who offers sales insights to design professionals nationwide.

This program teaches you how to:

+ Master six simple strategies that will jump start your sales

+ Dramatically increase your business with current clients

+ Build your client base and revenues

+ Double your referrals

+ Develop an aggressive new marketing campaign

+ Revive dormant prospects and leads

Recession-Proof Your Design Career ain’t about theories. It’s about tactics – simple steps you can take now to help you navigate choppy economic seas.

This is no time to panic. It’s time to plan. Even in the best of times, a design professional without a plan is like a ship without a rudder.

Sandy Dixon helps you create your own recession-proof roadmap.

She gives you the “how to’s” and tips to enable you to charge full speed ahead through this economic slowdown.

Tough times require smart strategies. This terrific audio program gives you all that, and more.

Recession-Proof Your Design Career (with Sandy Dixon)

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