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Superstar Selling System for Design Professionals

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If you’re so “busy,” why aren’t you earning top dollar?

For as much time as you put in your business, why aren’t you generating more revenue?

As good as you are as a design professional, why aren’t you attracting more high end clients?

Soul searching questions. You hear them from your spouse, or other family members. Or from friends. Or you ask them yourself. And, you struggle to come up with the right answers.


If you’re like most design professionals, you’re quite good at design – but quite bad at the business of design.

Problem is, design professionals are lousy at sales.

It’s all well and good that you’ve studied design, and maybe even attended design school. But let’s face it: design schools don’t teach you what you need to know about sales.

When you think about it, you really haven’t received much sales education.

Well, now you can make up for lost time.

Now you can get nuts and bolts sales training without going to school, or attending seminars.

Now you can invest in a learning tool that will show you how to close more sales, seal more deals, and get higher fees.

That tool is called the:

Superstar Selling System for Design Professionals.

What we have here are digital downloads of two audio programs on how to double your sales as a design professional.

The HARD COPY VERSION of the Superstar Selling System includes two audio CDs and a workbook, all of which will be shipped to you at no extra cost. The 55 page workbook contains quizzes, articles, marketing samples and more.

What we have here is the ultimate sales resource for design professionals.

The Superstar Selling System offers “how to’s” and insights on what it takes to substantially boost your sales. It shares strategies and tips that interior designers, window fashion specialists, architects, kitchen and bath professionals, decorators, showroom managers, manufacturers, retailers and others can use to dramatically boost their business.

The Superstar Selling System teaches you how to:

+ Double your sales and income
+ Set and get higher fees
+ Adopt selling strategies of America’s top design pros
+ Dramatically increase your closing ratio
+ Overcome price objections
+ Qualify prospects
+ Present yourself with pizzazz
+ Upsell more clients, more often
+ Turn single sales into long term relationships
+ Do Million Dollar Marketing on a Shoestring Budget
+ Avoid the Ten Selling Sins of design professionals
+ Go from just “busy” to profitable
+ Hang tough when times are rough
+ Harness the power of self-promotion success principles
+ Prospect profitably
+ Get on HGTV
+ Turn contacts into contracts
+ Provide outstanding customer service
+ Overcome negative perceptions about design pros
+ Make the most of the Million Dollar Marketing Word
+ Establish your expertise
+ Create credibility
+ Build sales through a Prospecting Power Hour
+ Tap into the power of partnerships, and get a “Sugar Daddy”
+ Create a 90 second pricing policy
+ Present your price
+ Overcome the “Questions from Hell”
+ Use the “1% Difference” to outsmart your competitors
+ Use prosperity principles to overcome financial challenges

Think of “selling,” and you don’t normally think of design professionals. But you will, once you dig into this audio sales training set.

By investing in the Superstar Selling System, you can listen to audio programs that cover the following topics:

Program #1

Track One: Introduction / Overview

Track Two: Charting Your Course

Track Three: The Personal Sale

Track Four: Prospecting

Track Five: Million $ Marketing on a Shoestring Budget

Program #2

Track One: Presenting Yourself and Your Fee

Track Two: Overcoming Objections

Track Three: Closing and Sealing the Deal

Track Four: Customer Service at its Best

Track Five: Looking Back…and Ahead.

With the hard copy version, you’ll receive the CDs and an information-packed workbook with tips, articles, special reports, sample marketing materials, quizzes and other information that coincides with the topics covered in the audio program.

The Superstar Selling System is selling made simple. It’s selling made fun. It’s selling made for design professionals looking to move to the next level.

Invest in this audio sales training program, and you’ll invest in your career, your business, and your future.

Superstar Selling System for Design Professionals

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