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Twice the Price: Double Your Dollars as a Design Professional

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Earning twice as much as a design professional doesn’t take rocket science.

It takes 10 simple steps.

Ten very simple steps. Those steps consist of little more than some focus, a little bit of marketing, a small amount of personal promotion, and a whole lot of commitment.

Those 10 steps are the centerpiece of the 60-minute audio program entitled “Twice the Price: Double Your Dollars as a Design Professional.”

Follow the 10 step program, and you will double the fees you set and get. Follow some of the steps, and you’ll still substantially increase your income.

Eight of my coaching clients have followed this program since I developed it the past year. All eight now earn twice as much, or more per hour as they did when they started.

Don’t tell me you can’t afford to spend the time on these 10 easy steps. If you’re not generating the kind of income you’d like to be – you can’t afford not to follow these strategies.

Have I mentioned that these steps are easy?

Take the first one, example: Set Your Eyes on the Prize.

What that means is setting your fee at twice its current level, and creating a laser beam focus on that higher fee.

Post that fee on your mirror. And in your car. And on your computer. And by your telephone. Wake up to that number. Go to sleep with that number.

Plan your daily routine around activities that will generate that fee. Pursue only those prospects capable of paying that fee.

View that fee as if you’re already earning it. You know what? Before you know it, you will be.

The other nine steps in the Twice the Price audio program are equally easy. There’s no need to hire someone else to implement these strategies for you. You can - and should – do them yourself.

What’s really cool about the ten step program is that it shows you how to earn twice as much without working any more than you do now. You may have end up working less.

Sound good?

If you want to earn some serious income as a design professional, you’ll want this audio program.

You’re just 10 steps away from doubling your income as a design professional.

Twice the Price: Double Your Dollars as a Design Professional

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