Smart Marketing

Video, Audio and Print Resources on how to Make a Maximum Impact for a Minimal Investment

Video Value Pack

It’s never been easier to get elsewhere the interior design services and products that you sell. Competition has never been more intense.

That’s the bad news. The good news is:

Now you can out-market all those competitors without having to outspend them. Now you can out-promote and outperform those competitors without spending much money and time. That’s because Now there is a collection of marketing tools designed to help you make a maximum impact for a minimal investment.

The collection is the Smart Marketing VIDEO VALUE PACK, and it includes:

  • A Digital Video of a live presentation entitled: “Million Dollar Marketing on a Shoestring Budget.”
  • A Digital Audio Program entitled: “Big Splash, Little Cash Kickbutt Marketing in Challenging Times.”
  • A Digital Set of 10 background resources.

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Maybe you think you don’t have the time nor money now to market your design business.
Not a problem. You don’t need much of either, once you review the steps in the Smart Marketing VIDEO VALUE PACK.

Here, in one compact collection, are dozens of empowering yet economical steps you can take to build a “buzz” – and your interior design business.

Watch, listen and read how to use surprisingly simple and inexpensive strategies to make an instant impact – and make yourself memorable.

Strategies like blogging, website marketing, email campaigns, videos, social media, free publicity, public speaking, database development, personal branding, networking and many, many more
You can accomplish each of the moneysaving marketing maneuvers in the Smart Marketing VIDEO VALUE PACK in little time, for little money.

Maybe you figure that you’ll have to hire a marketing specialist to implement all these ideas.
You figured wrong.

Included in the VIDEO VALUE PACK are simple promotional strategies you can, and should implement yourself. Strategies like changing your voicemail and email signature, and getting quoted and promoted for free in online and print media.

No one can promote your business with the same kind of passion and insight as you have. Here is a step by step guide to carrying out that promotion, in 30 minutes a day or less.

What you need to know to make an enormous impact for an economical investment is spelled out in the video and audio programs, and the resource materials included in this collection.

The downloadable resources provide you with a personal library of information about marketing your interior design business.

Take the “Low Cost, No Cost Kickbutt Marketing Special Report,”  for example: it’s a 25- page do-it-yourself marketing manual.

And then there are all of those other reports, information sheets and handout on topics ranging from “Keys of a Killer Website”  to “How to Write a Promotional Bio” to the “Dirty Dozen Marketing Missteps” that design professionals commit.

Put it all together, and you have “business school in a box -- a multimedia course in how to take the “Price” out of your promotion.

Remember, you can save big on this remarkable collection by acting now.

Order the Smart Marketing VIDEO VALUE PACK for only $227 by clicking here

It’s never been more important to market yourself, and your interior design business. Fortunately, now you can do it half the time, at less than half the price you may have invested in marketing before.

Invest in the Smart Marketing VIDEO VALUE PACK, and discover how to promote yourself for pennies.

Discover how to out-fox, out-promote and out-perform your competitors, and make a maximum impact for a minimal investment of time and money.

Order the Smart Marketing VIDEO VALUE PACK for only $227 by clicking here