Copywriting Services

Personal Bios

Does your bio blow ‘em away?

Does it “Wow!” your target audience?

Do the “About Us” section of your website, and your social networking profiles differentiate you, and position you as uniquely-qualified?

We can create a bio that spells out your specialness, identifies and promotes your YOU-nique selling proposition, and makes you memorable.

We’ll review your marketing materials, interview you and provide you within a week the first draft of the most powerful bio you’ve ever had.


What if you had a single marketing tool that could create credibility, establish your expertise and get you clients?

You can, and you will once we create for you an article that you can distribute to the media, post on your website, use in your social media campaigns, and include in your blogs, newsletters, ezines and elsewhere.

We help you identify a topic that will have the greatest impact on your target market. Then we interview you on that topic, and develop an article identifying you as the author.

Finally, we advise you on where, how and when to promote and distribute your article to gain maximum impact.

Website Copy

Do visitors to your website “get” how special you are in four seconds and two clicks?

That is, after all, the average visit to a website.

We can develop for you captivating and compelling website copy that creates a buzz, enhances your SEO rankings and motivates visitors to return often.

And we can add pop, pizzazz, your YOU-nique Selling Proposition and a Call to Action to your Home Page. That’s critical at a time when 50% of website visitors never read beyond this page.

You’ll discover the power and lasting impact of the website words you choose to use.

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