Here's One Bridge You SHOULD Burn

Friday, May 18, 2012   |   Fred Berns   |   0 Comments

Burn the "retreat" bridge.

That's what generals in ancient times did to prevent their troops from running away from battle.

And that's what you should do to prevent yourself from quitting a personal marketing campaign too soon.

I meet too many business professionals so ready to retreat from a new marketing push that they make only feeble attempts to succeed.

Then they wonder why their efforts and results fall short.

When it comes to marketing, many professionals dip their toes. But only a precious few dive in.

I think of the attorney forced to relocate to a new city. He considered launching a social networking initiative in the new market. But he chose not to.

And the accountant who wanted to concentrate on financial planning. She was urged to research ideal communities for her service. But she chose not to.

And the interior designer looking to work with elite, high end builders and architects. She pondered the idea of developing a "builders and architects" section on her website. But she chose not to.

In each case, they "chose not to" because of concern they might fail. They were more focused on what wouldn't work, than on what would.

In each case, they decided to stop before they started. They were in retreat before they were in motion.

They'll never know if those promotional strategies could have worked because they never gave them time. And their best shot.

Giving a stategy your best shot means concentrating on it, and committing to it for a set period as if it's the one thing, the best thing, the only thing that will achieve your desired results.

Only at the end of that set period do you evaluate it, and ponder your next move.

Early retreats offer few results, and fewer rewards.

The next time you consider a new personal marketing strategy, be a diver, not a dipper.