One Word Can Get You Heard

Monday, August 20, 2012   |   Fred Berns   |   0 Comments

You're talking, I know, but is anybody listening?

I know you're promoting your organization and products and services, and doing what you can to capture greater market share.

And that's great.

But are you getting through? Is the right message getting out to the right people?

Or are they having problems hearing you?

After all, there's a whole lot of noise out there.

Every day, 294 billion emails go out. And one billion Facebook posts. And 250 million tweets.

The average person is subjected to 1250 sales messages a day. He/she ponders 60,000 thoughts a day.

So how do you get them to think about you?

You have 17 seconds to catch their attention, after which you could lose it -- and them -- forever.

So, what are you going to do and say in those 17 seconds to knock their socks off, and rock their world?

What if I told you there was one word you can use to dramatically differentiate yourself?

One word with which you can create an instant impact, and make yourself and your company memorable?

That's what I'm telling you. The word is "Only," as in: "We're the area's only award-winning wealth management firm with clients in 27 countries."

If you want my business, I want and need your "Only" brand. And I need to know how I'll benefit from your uniqueness.

Yes, there's a lot of competition and a lot of noise out there.

But you can arise above them and get heard loud and clear when you spell out what only your organization can do.

Remember: Tell me what only you do, and I'll buy only from you.