Make a Big Branding Splash for Little Cash

Wednesday, June 20, 2012   |   Fred Berns   |   0 Comments

Just because effective personal branding takes lots of thought doesn’t mean it has to take lots of time and money.

In fact, if you're spending big money on marketing, you're probably wasting it.

Some of the best marketing that business professionals can do costs the least. Some of the most powerful promotion costs nothing at all.

You can take the “price” out of your promotion and make a maximum impact for a minimal investment.

Step one in that process is to identify and promote your “Only.” This one word can turn a bland brand into a killer commercial.

Is yours the ONLY local accounting firm that offers estate planning? Is yours the ONLY software development company with corporate clients around the world? Are you the ONLY real estate agent in your area who also stages home for resale?

Tell me what only you do, and I’ll work only with you.

Once you have identified your “Only” phrase, include it in your email signature, your website bio, and your social media profiles.

As a business professional you don’t have unlimited time to spend on social media marketing.

The best use of that time, by far, is on blogging.

Blogs are, and always have been the focal point of any social media campaign.


Because a blog can establish your expertise, enhance your online presence, and get you clients.

Lots of clients.

About 43% of companies now use a blog in their marketing.

Is yours one of them?

It should be, because a blog can…

+ boost credibility with a targeted audience for your design services
+ Reinforce your “Only” brand
+ Attract prospective buyers
+ Establish you as a resource for the trade media and other  industry “influencers”
+ Enable you to start conversations about industry trends
+ Enhance your Internet search engine rankings

+ drive traffic to your website. Studies show that websites with blogs get 55% more visitors than those without them.

Blogging takes time, of course, but it’s time well spent. Many companies generate business locally, nationally and even internationally through their blogposts.

Promoting yourself over LinkedIn is smart marketing at its best. That’s because it’s the social networking site that most likely to help you grow your business.

LinkedIn’s “Groups” feature is your gateway to potential clients. Search for local groups of new homeowners, perhaps, or country club managers or commercial property developers. Study the group sites to see how many people belong, and to gauge the quality of the conversations.

Or, consider starting your own group.

Spend an hour a week on LinkedIn, and you can answer some questions, participate in a few groups, and post a status update.

Too many professionals cite a lack of “money and time” as excuses for not promoting themselves more extensively these days. Too bad they ignore the many low cost, no cost strategies that could help them maximize their marketing.

A few do-it-yourself “quick fixes” that require little money, time nor expertise:

Smile and Dial. Devote an hour a day to contacting current, former and prospective clients.

Speak Up. Present seminars, classes and workshops to groups of prospective clients.

Write on. Submit articles, columns and news releases to online and print publications ready by your target audience. Free publicity is the best advertising you can’t buy.

Build Up Your Database. Offer a free report (e.g., “How to sell Your Home for Twice as Much, in Half the Time”) in return for contact information.

Partner in Your Promotion. Seek marketing support from vendors and suppliers and “co-market” with allied professionals.

The good news is that you don’t have to be rich to get recognized.

You can use no sweat, low cost marketing strategies to make a big splash for little cash.

Fred Berns is a marketing coach, speaker and copywriter who creates promotional bios, website copy, articles and other marketing materials for individuals and companies worldwide.